📷Our Disclaimer

Just so we’re clear.

In addition to providing news stories and information regarding the world of the selfie, Selfie Style & Stories’ premise and mission is to provide a different brand of “social” and “media” by using the traditional “selfie” as a reason, to be apart of the site (turned eventual platform).

‘Reflection’ (the selfie/picture) turned introspection (the story, happening or thought behind it) turned projection (publication of it) is the focus, here.

While “selfie” is as associated with narcissism as the phenomenon is attached to today’s popular culture, the fact of the matter is: Everybody has one (and everybody’s who takes them is not a narcissist).

Selfie culture not causing mental health concerns. Digital narcissism is

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Wealth and Social Media Breed Narcissism and Lack of Empathy, Says New Research

Regardless, (when it comes to taking selfies) everyone knows why they took it, where they were, what they were doing, feeling and wearing + what they were thinking or feeling about what made them take the selfie. THAT’S where our site turned (eventual platform) comes in.

The conclusion is that we at Selfie Style & Stories hope that throughout the stories, quotes or whatever the selfie caption may be; information is shared to readers of Selfie Style Stories that too, puts them in the know of what’s out there, and who’s out there thinking, feeling, and doing other things worth sharing than the typical run of the mill(ion), social media innuendo and varying variables of the same.

While we encourage creativity with selfie-taking photos, we are NOT suggesting or recommending supernatural photos as, the premise Selfie Style & Stories is being built on is the stories, styles, quotes or captions about / accompanying the selfie-not the fact that you leaped from tall a building in a single bound and managed to snap the selfie and live to tell (us) about it.

If you did that and lived to tell about it-fine, we invite that, but don’t do that for us (for, we’re not suggesting OR requiring that).

While we welcome that kind of uniqueness in a visual/still, we at Selfie Style & Stories bare no responsibility of any harm caused to (and by you) as a result of simply (or grandly and adventurously) taking a/selfies.

While we invite (and require) the selfie visual (phone in hand), our actual focus is on the stories, styles, sentiments and what’s said. The selfies is your reason to get in our IG and/or page for the world to see and read.


We’re glad the girl in the above listed video lived to be able to tell her story about it, and yes (of course), we’ll want her selfie story too!

For you however, reading this disclaimer protects us and hopefully, her ordeal serves as a ‘cautionary tale’ to protect YOU

In one piece, living to tell it, we just want all that you are willing to tell the world.