Amsterdam: Student Fights Catcalling with Selfies – Why It Happens and What Should (and Shouldn’t) a Woman Do About It

Selfies are just as much apart of our digital society as social media. broke ground on dedicating an entire website whose premise is about selfie news because there’s more to meet the lens than our own face and vanity. Selfie news is REAL.

Just ask one woman who (although) didn’t “discover” [this thing that women experience on a daily basis] but rather, thanks to the “selfie,” [she] decided to take selfies— from a different perspective with an additional perspective: vulgarity and nuisances.

Check out this story of a selfie experiment that a woman did. She takes us through the day the days in her life of what it’s like as a woman being in receipt of catcalls and dogbarks out in human nature.


FYI: Often times, all it takes to make a girl smile if she’s having a bad day (or not) is a simple “you look nice today”—if you just HAVE to say anything.

Catcalling to a woman feels like rape ‘atmospheric rape’ guys, just…don’t do it.

Here’s another (twice as tired) scenario that happens that annoys women: That guy that’s eyeing you so hard that you can read his thoughts or admiration and as you exit, he just so happens to [really be] going your way. He waits all the way ’til he’s linked back up with the homie and all of a sudden gets brave enough to start annoying you with catcalling—or to tell you, you look nice or whatever.

Thank me later guys for putting you up on “game” if you’re out on a prowl or prompted to prey.

In my (unpublished) book Feel Like a Lady- Deal Like a Man (many excerpts can be found within these write-ups), I mention in there how, catcalls, collecting numbers and macking girls (for many men) is a primal habit of sorts. More often than not, they really are acting out of habit of being (immature) the male species when they are out in the world getting their mack on like such. It’s an insecurity to mask their inability to approach women constructively or simply what they’ve always done that worked because they’ve not run into that woman that checks ’em on it outside of an eyeroll.

It’s better to ignore catcalls altogether.

Better to educate him on how to approach a woman.

Because when women react answer to catcalls, out of a man a male simply being a male, often times she ends up being in situationships with men at distances he, himself, really didn’t intend to go.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it in the excerpt’s Introduction or in a chapter gem, but I mention that it’s better to steer clear (of answering to) cat-calling type of flirting versus straightforward conversation in which he summons you (the girl). Because that way, you can be sure that his initial interest what was out of sheer interest versus passing time and him simply being a male.

As a woman, whether it be catcalling annoyances or the opposite, you have to make men be accountable for how they approach you.
Buried deep within the maturist of men will always be that little boy “vrooming” around with his toy helicopter simply being “a boy.”
Men have always and will forever be less mature than the average woman his same age. As they age, they habitually are programmed to either catcall or opposite “mack” call while “vrooming” through this life as single men.
Stopping to correct a man for inappropriately catcalling you or allowing your (welcoming or inviting) presence to give (that “interested” man) permission to approach you (versus you approaching him) makes him be held accountable for him approaching you or women after you.
Men are conditioned to catcall or “mack”call (by not really looking for anything personal in particular). But when a woman’s reaction to either (catcall or mack call) forces him to press pause on “vrooming” and land his plane of “playing.”
In life you’ve got to teach people how to treat you-especially women when it comes to men.
Making men examine at their approach with you (catcalling or mack calling) will shake that “vrooming” little boy out of him.
You’ll be surprised how many ̶m̶e̶n̶ ̶e̶n̶d̶e̶d̶ ̶u̶p̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ women end up with men that where simply “vrooming.”
Women not stopping to correct men catcalling, examine his seriousness while mack calling, or falling victim to the proverbial “sometimes I want a woman to approach me first” game, are all 3 ways that permit a man not to be held accountable in or for his approach just the same.



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