📷About Selfie Style & Stories

First, there was MySpace.

Then: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

NOW:  SelfieStyleStories -where we pin your “interesting” and tell your stories!

SelfieStyleStories is that other social media

IN ADDITION TO WHO AND WHAT’S IN THE NEWS REGARDING ALL THINGS “SELFIE,” Selfie Style Stories is for men and women-with a phone-feeling funny, reflective or just ‘fly’ who want to be seen and are willing to share the “who,” ”what,” “when,” and “where” about what you’re thinking, doing, or feeling and what/who you’re wearing!

Our vision and mission is to create a different brand of social media that caters to the already habitual ‘selfie’ phenomenon-but (at their leisure) one that gives all the floor in their own square and while there; giving consumers ideas, their “interesting,” and letting the world know what’s out there while lending a voice to the story behind the typical trite selfie without expressing yourself about what prompter you to snap the selfie.

As the addition of your individual selfie style stories, SelfieStyleStories.com grows, we are looking forward to adding forums and message boards, chat rooms and various forms of social interaction including open comments/commentary!

Meanwhile, stay snapping selfies (with the phone visible-even if someone else snaps it for you), and stay snapping and stay tuned!