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We Need More Than Brunch & Selfies From Women’s Empowerment Events …Amen! I swear I called this (here-at the bottom “The Brutal Truth and Secret Life of Blogging” ). I mean nothing but truth and no harm when I say this (and all that I say) but those events are nothing but for profit, for show, for Twitpics, and for Instagram and hashtag geeking the poor these poor, inspired and hopeful souls chasing fame and popularity. It’s just glitter and Mac makeup thrown in their faces. Until they smarten up and get truly focused, they won’t understand (and will continuously) be mad at what I just said. These ‘events’ and seminars is the new hustle-‘preaching to the choir’ of souls who (unfortunately) don’t know what’s up. Truthfully, I feel really bad for them. They are out here in DROVES without a clue about the, and this ‘hustle.’ These”Almost Was” and “Wanna Bes” like to put ON on this here Internet! And these poor lil’ ones with this glitter dust thrown in their faces-days later, they all come crashing down then it’s back to the cycle: witter-mobbing and social media hating, angsty, and being mean spirited and searching to be retweeted as if that’ll be the day they are seen by the right person and plucked from obscurity to fame. Newsflash: NONE of these wanna-be’s can (or will) lead you (them) to the The Wiz. It’s all on and in you.



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